Reckless Records Islington

"Death of a friendly record shop"

Reckless Records Islington

I recently heard of the closure of Reckless Records. Reckless were a chain of purchase and exchange shops for records and CDs. They had two branches initially, in Berwick Street in Soho and in Upper Street, Islington. I always liked them because although they could be a bit picky on the exchange side they always seemed to have an interesting and eclectic selection. The last record I bought there was an American album of Sussex folk songs. They were also refreshingly free of the sullen, cultish attitude I found at Tape and Record Exchange, their main rivals. The staff were friendly, humorous and helpful.

Time’s up, pop pickers Things seemed to be looking up and they bought a third shop in Camden Town. This was between Camden Station and Mornington Crescent and was never busy so closed down. This was followed by the Islington branch whose site still bears the Reckless signage and looks in a sorry state. The Berwick Street shop has survived though - it was known as Revival Records for a while, but is now Reckless once more.

Yes, I know that with the advent of the iPod and MP3 the record shop is unnecessary, but we stand to lose personal contact and purchasing in a spontaneous and unpremeditated fashion. Oh well, pop pickers, that’s showbiz!

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