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Kingsway College - London RIP

Kingsway College

"Alan Dein says goodbye to a pre-slacker monument."

Alan Dein says goodbye to a pre-slacker monument

That brutalist slab of concrete which was the original Kingsway College on the corner of Grays Inn Road and Sidmouth Street WC1 is being smashed down as I write this. Only the facade on Grays Inn Road remains, and that’s hidden behind tarpaulin.

Let’s face it, no great loss to most lovers of urban architecture, but the place is historically very important. I never went there, but friends and their friends did, and particularly during the 70s and early 80s it became a hotbed for artistic, unruly and creative pre-slacker lifeforms.

English Heritage reject

And just for the record, the site was formerly a Victorian School called Prospect Terrace which was destroyed during WW2. Apparently, the concrete ediface of the post-white heat of education that was the Kingsway College building nearly achieved an English Heritage listing - but obviously even those posh berks were unimpressed.

So stick Kingsway College in London-RIP, even though the institution lives on, but in name only…