"This was the mother of all alternative bookshops, and an essential ingredient in a trip to Camden."

You can’t write about bookshops without mentioning Compendium, that mother of all left-wing bookshops in Camden High Street near the lock. Compendium was fantastic. It had the best selection of books on music ever known, as well as tons of quite imaginative left-wing stuff. I remember buying a comic book starring Tintin as an anarcho socialist there. Don’t ask me why. In the late 80s it was also the only place you could buy books on astrology and the occult, should you have wanted to do so. Downstairs was full of books by people like Jacques Derrida. So if you really wanted to be pretentious, that was the place to be. Obscure reel-to-reel tapes and videos were a Compendium sideline. It closed in 2000. What happened to these last remnants of the counter culture? Why did they all close? Are people just not interested in politics now? Or what? Answers on an email to London-rip please.